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With over 2,000 Adopter Members, IMC is the largest trade association dedicated to the IoT/M2M sector.
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The M2M/IoT business meets 5G technology in the world’s largest market!
13-15 October 2015
Beijing International Convention Center

The International M2M Council -- the global trade association for Machine-to-Machine Communications – invites network operators, telecom infrastructure vendors, IoT solutions providers, and enterprise adopters of M2M technology to join China’s leading mobile operators at a single forum to discuss the concurrent development of 5G standards and large-scale deployment of M2M Systems & IoT Applications in the Chinese market. Learn more>>

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CTIA: M2M industry prepares for 2G sunset
AT&T’s plans to shut down all of its 2G networks by 2017 continue to generate upheaval in the M2M industry.
CTIA: Security tops list of concerns for M2M players
Security is becoming a growing concern for the global M2M industry as organizations increasingly look to M2M services to deliver cost savings and open up new revenue opportunities.
In search of the missing 'i' in Apple's Watch
(Reuters) - Apple Inc's Tuesday launch was a marketing extravaganza stuffed full of gadgets, corporate hyperbole and celebrities of every stripe. One thing was missing: the "i" in front of the Watch.

IoT Content Library

The IMC offers a collection of in-depth case studies for M2M deployments, spanning the broadest possible range of vertical market applications and geographies. The Use Cases will include critical information concerning ROI, Total Cost of Ownership, enhanced revenue streams, and other tangible outcomes of deployments wherever possible, organized by vertical market categories. It is the considered opinion of the IMC Board that broader adoption of M2M technologies will be fostered by this kind of qualitative research, providing M2M Adopters with valuable lessons learned from real-life examples.


Welcome to the International M2M Council

The IMC is a trade organization for the machine-to-machine communications industry, and it brings a new approach – it will stand for M2M as its own global industry – it will not see M2M through the narrow lens of a single product category, nor will it see M2M solely as applied to a single vertical industry. The IMC will strive to bring together M2M Solutions Providers and Adopters of M2M technology into a single membership organization. 

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